Boskone 54

This year I went to my first ever Boskone! I hadn’t realized how small Boskone is, and I loved that kids actually attend. While that meant that the Q&As didn’t reach the level of academic depth of some Readercon panels, it was wonderful to see kids actually engaging with authors and stories and asking great questions.

Having only ever gone to Readercon before, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the panels and was pleasantly surprised. There were more general interest panels, which lessened the risk of them relying entirely on the moderator to come up with good discussion questions, and with the anniversaries of both Harry Potter and Buffy this year there were a bunch of panels related to my two main fandoms!

The fact that this was more general interest and less in-depth discussion of a very narrow subject meant that I don’t have the analysis I usually do after a con. However overall I had a blast and I look forward to going again next year!