Moving On

Sadly, I did not get into Pitch Wars. Didn’t even get any requests for the full manuscript. But that’s okay! The lack of any requests gave me plenty of time to mentally prepare for the announcement of the winners. And I always knew that with over 1500 entries, even if a mentor liked my query and sample chapter the chances of me being chosen were slim.

On the bright side, I still have a critique of my full manuscript coming up with BSpec! I’m nervcited. These folks have been reading bits and pieces of Skadi for six years now. I’m itching to know what they think of the full, if the planned surprises surprised them, if the antiheroism of the characters is … tolerable? relatable? sympathetic?

Plus, participating in Pitch Wars has introduced me to a number of other contests that I might apply to depending on how long it takes me to revise based on the critique feedback. So I am not feeling defeated, merely inspired to whip Skadi into shape and put it out there again.



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