Pitch Wars or Bust

A few of the folks in my writing group entered Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars last year and said it was a great experience, so I have decided to apply. Which means my manuscript Skadi needs to be submission-ready in 2 months. I can do this. I have been dawdling and dragging things out, but the time has come to do the last pass at revision.

BSpec is critiquing chapters 4-13 in two days, and hopefully the feedback from that will be that they are ready for me to submit the full novel for critique. If not, I may have to go rogue and find a few beta readers (which I may do in addition anyway) so that I can get feedback on the full book before the August 4th deadline.

I have been working on Skadi for six years now. It is officially time to get it out there. I love this novel so much and I want others to love it as much as I do, which is impossible until they can read it.


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